Back Steps

Things had been going well for months. No flukes, no missed work, no staying home alone while my friends are out. I have been living normally for the last five months. It was a dream, the longest streak I've had in years. But yesterday hit me hard. Why is it that this is happening? I've… Continue reading Back Steps


Survived By

I see your name in the newspaper. The photo next to it is unfamiliar to me, you're smiling but I don't know what at. I've seen glimpses before. A photo from a Christmas before I was even a thought, one of you in a kitchen with yellow appliances and a patterned, laminate floor. My mother… Continue reading Survived By

The Lifelong Work of Acceptance

In dealing with a disability, like many things, one of the hardest steps is acceptance of the situation. I believe a couple years after my diagnosis, I did find acceptance of it. Understanding that this is something that I will live with, likely, for the rest of my life. But at fifteen years old, it's… Continue reading The Lifelong Work of Acceptance

When Things Aren’t Good

When things aren't good, I don't usually share much. I wait it out. Make the changes I need to, go to the doctors appointments, follow orders. But the last couple weeks have felt like too much to handle. What is there to really do when you have a week until you can see your doctor,… Continue reading When Things Aren’t Good

Fear and Health Care

Health care has been on my (most people’s) mind a lot lately. I’ve been thinking (panicking) about how the upcoming changes to the Affordable Care Act would be effecting me and those around me. While considering this, I thought about what I could add to the conversation. There’s so much out there already: opinions, statistics,… Continue reading Fear and Health Care

Unanswered Questions

When being diagnosed with an illness or disease, the biggest desires you have are simple: answers and solutions. What I've realized in the years since being diagnosed is that epilepsy often doesn't come with either of those things. Since my initial diagnosis, I was told that there is no reason why I have epilepsy. It… Continue reading Unanswered Questions

Famous Women and Epilepsy

Today is March 1st and you know what that means: the beginning of Women's History Month! So I thought I'd begin the month by writing about a couple of influential women who also share this neurological disorder with me. One of the largest struggles I've found with living with epilepsy is not knowing anyone else… Continue reading Famous Women and Epilepsy

On Epilepsy, Hospitals, and Other Big Scary Words

To begin with, I'm happy you're reading this. I had been thinking of creating this for a while and finally had a lazy Sunday to begin writing. This is a blog that will be about my life and the challenges of being epileptic as a young adult. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in early 2009. It… Continue reading On Epilepsy, Hospitals, and Other Big Scary Words